Anywhere in the world its great to look young.Right from the head of the state to the common man everyone of us dream about having an amazing glowing skin that makes us look younger forever.But most of the methods prescribed by the so called beauticians and therapists are hugely expensive and sometimes are beyond our reach too

Then what..??

Fortunately there are many simple natural remedies that offer more benefits than the ones the expensive beauty salons offer in the name of fancy facials,mud packs and other intricate therapies.

More over all these natural remedies are less expensive remedies and are only meant for the benefit of our glowing skin.

>Here are some great Natural remedies for glowing skin that persons of all skin types can unconditionally use.

Olive Oil And Skin Care

Olive oil,named  “Liquid Gold” by Homer,is a Natural deep penetrating moisturizer that is in use all over the world for many centuries.It is used for regenerating skin cells and for softening tissues.

Most of the time,the weather in many North American and European countries is unpredictable either with extreme cold conditions or with extreme hot conditions or with freezing conditions.But whatever the weather conditions,these extremities in Nature are going to leave,sometimes,a lasting impression on your skin.

To prevent this,make it a habit to apply Olive Oil to your face,neck and arms half an hour before bath every day and check the difference.It will be just great.Irrespective of age anyone can use Olive oil and find an amazing difference in as quickly as four weeks.

However,if you wish to moisturize your skin in Oil Cleansing Method (OCM) Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the preferred grade you must choose.Additionally,Olive Oil may also be used as a shaving oil to shave off facial and other unwanted body hair.

>Researchers say that regular application of Olive oil in this method may prevent many possibilities of skin cancer too.

Almond Oil And Skin Care

For ages,Almond oil is being used as an emollient all over the world by massage therapists to lubricate the skin during massage therapy.They say that it will leave a long lasting moisturizing effect on the skin.However,you need not visit a massage therapist to derive the maximum benefits of Almond oil.To keep things simple,gently apply Almond oil to your face,neck and arms every night.Apply it normally in the area under the eyes and gently massage it in circular motion on the other areas of face and finally rub it hard on other parts of the body.

>You will find that,with its natural moisturizing properties,Almond Oil gives you an everlasting glowing skin.

Butter Milk And Skin Care

Very few people teach us about the role of butter milk in giving us that natural glowing skin.Butter milk has some amazing natural properties that help us in getting some quick relief from Sun tanning and also in retaining that glowing skin naturally.

But how to use it..??

Just replace the water with butter milk in the ice trays of your refrigerator and freeze it.You will get butter milk cubes ready for use.Now take them into your hand and rub them gently all over your face and other areas of skin that is exposed to Sun light.You will notice the amazing effects of butter milk in removing Sun tanning almost immediately.

>This is the best method that not only gives you a quick relief from Sun tanning but also helps you in retaining your natural glowing skin for a longer period of time.

>Any one can follow this method just to maintain that perfect skin tone and retain a natural glowing skin for a longer period of time in your life.

>Remember butter milk is one of the best natural remedies for glowing skin.

Egg And Skin Care

This is also a lesser known and less practiced method but gives instant results if applied correctly.You all know that our skin loses its elasticity as we start ageing.It is an irreversible natural process but Mother Nature has also given us some solutions to counter this problem correctly and delay the effects of ageing.

To retain the firmness of your facial skin for a longer period of time,take egg white and gently rub it all over your face and neck.Leave it like that for about half an hour and then wash it off with cold water.You will be surprised with the results it instantly produces.If used regularly this method alone helps you in retaining the firmness of your skin for a longer time and will also delay the effects of ageing.

>This method works as a quick facial too in case you have to attend an unscheduled party at a short notice.

Vitamin E Oil And Skin Care

Beautiful Glowing Skin
Beautiful Glowing Skin

Vitamin E oil is the most skin friendly oil with many anti ageing properties.Since Vitamin E oil is very sticky it is enough to pour a few drops (four drops) of it into your palms and rub it all over your face gently.It not only absorbs quickly but also emits a gentle fragrance all through the night.

>But to derive maximum benefits out of Vitamin E Oil it is good to mix five drops of Vitamin E Oil with Almond oil and apply the mixture all over your face,neck,arms,legs and leave it all night.This method alone will work in a great way in getting you that amazing glowing skin forever.

Red Wine And Skin Care

So far we have only discussed about the external applications to give our skin that natural glowing look.However it is equally important to have a regular intake of natural remedies for achieving that amazing glowing skin.In this aspect Red Wine definitely plays a substantial role.

Though a lot has been said,discussed and written about the amazing health benefits of Red wine,there is still a lot more that needs to be discussed and mentioned here.Resveratrol,the natural anti oxidant found in Red wine offers many benefits to our health and the most important among them is the wonderful effect it has on our skin.

Regular consumption of Red wine in moderation gives a natural lift to your skin and helps you in gradually getting that amazing glowing skin.

>Red wine is also believed to be the secret behind that great look Meryl Streep and Julia Roberts still possess today.I hope the legends forgive their greatest fan for revealing this secret.

Fruits And Skin Care

For ages we have been hearing that regular intake of fruits does have a lasting impact on our overall health and more so on our skin.Many of us are also used to the habit of drinking fresh fruit juices often to maintain good health and great look.However, maximum health benefits of fruits can only be derived if the fruits are eaten directly instead of consuming them in the form of juice.

>Fruits contain in abundance the vital Vitamins of A,C,D and E that help us in maintaining a healthy glowing skin.However,during the process of juice making some of the vital properties of the Vitamins are lost and we will not be able to take full advantage of the healthy benefits they offer.Got My point.

Water And Skin Care

Water is the most important element of Nature and is one of the best Natural remedies for glowing skin.Consume as much water as you can in a day and the more you drink the more beneficial it is for you and your skin.

>For maximum benefits,store about one liter of water in a good copper tumbler every night and drink it fully the following morning on an empty stomach.Let me tell you,the benefits are countless .

Miscellaneous Facts And Skin Care

It is your skin and you need to pay a very special care to it if you want to realize your dream of retaining that younger looking glowing skin forever.

> According to the principles of Ayurveda,Ghee is also one of the most important natural remedies for glowing skin.Though many physicians may differ with this view because of its heavy fat content,Ghee still has some enormous benefits difficult to resist its use.It is hugely beneficial if used judiciously in your food intake and the amazing results on the skin are there for asking almost immediately.

> Regular exercise is also good for your overall health and helps you in maintaining good body metabolism.Lack of exercise leads to indigestion and acidity resulting in many visible and invisible problems.Persons suffering from indigestion may develop swollen skin and facial edema.As a result the skin of the face accumulates unwanted flesh and wears an unusual look difficult to describe.

>Finally,exposure to Sun light early in the morning is good for your skin because of the Vitamin D the Sun rays produce but,beware,harsh Sun light may cause some serious damage to your skin.So whenever you go out,use a Sunscreen lotion that has an SPF of at least 15.Cloudy weather can only prevent the Sun light but the UV rays still reach the earth and will cause considerable damage to your skin,if neglected.

> Please make it a point to use a Sun Screen lotion even during a cloudy weather.


A Beautiful Lady With A Glowing Skin
A Beautiful Lady With A Glowing Skin

I will be doing gross injustice to the whole article if I do not tell you about the role of our mind in giving us that healthy looking glowing skin.

When asked what cosmetics did she use to have such a lovely complexion, a dear old Quaker lady from England once replied “I use truth for my lips for my voice,prayer ; for my eyes,pity for my hands,charity for my figure,uprightness and for my heart,Love”.. How sweet???..Do I still need to elaborate friends???

Thank you very much


Alekhya Komaragiri

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