Before proceeding to know about the benefits of Red Wine it is very important to know about a relatively lesser known term called “French Paradox”..It is this term that actually triggered a world wide discussion on the health benefits of Red Wine..French scientist Serge Renaud of Bordeaux University coined the term “French Paradox”.. But this term remained unknown to the outside world for a long time..

Later it gained immense popularity in 1991 when Columbia Broadcasting System Tele Vision  News Magazine “Sixty Minutes” presented a sensational feature on Red Wine.

But What Is French Paradox

Referring to this term the news magazine correspondent Morley Shafer said that despite having a daily diet rich in saturated fats like cheese,butter,nuts and fried foods,most of the people in France have a slim waist line and possess perfectly shaped bodies.

What surprised the researchers more is the rate of people suffering from Cardio Vascular Diseases or the rate of people dying of Cardio Vascular Diseases in France is lower when compared to the rate of people suffering or dying of the same disease in North America.The reason for this marked difference is found to be caused by the regular consumption of Red Wine by the French.The French as a habit consume Red Wine in moderation during their dinner and it is this habit that is lowering the risk of Cardio Vascular Diseases in them.This strange phenomenon prompted scientists to coin the term “French Paradox.

Red Wine And America

Americans who viewed this popular program “Sixty Minutes” were amazed by the data provided by the correspondent Morley Shafer in the program.They too started consuming Red Wine regularly and it quickly resulted in a 44% increase in the overall sales of  Red Wine in America.The wineries in America too demanded the US government to label their products as “Health Foods”.

In 2009, Morley Shafer again revealed to the world that the presence of  natural anti oxidant Resveratrol in Red Wine is the vital ingredient that provides all the amazing benefits to the human body. Resveratrol is found in high concentration on the skin of Grapes that is meant to protect the grapes from the invasion of Fungi and other deadly bacteria.

Morley further went on to claim that Resveratrol has all the anti ageing properties required to delay the effects of ageing and in fact works wonderfully on the skin by giving it a natural glow.

Red Wine And The Diseases of Heart

In 1996,a British Medical Journal presented a detailed report on the number of studies conducted on the effects of Red Wine on heart diseases.It stated that people who consume a moderate amount of Red Wine are lowering the risk of heart diseases by 20% to 60% when compared to people who never drink Red Wine at all.

Researchers also went on to state that moderate consumption of Red wine lowers the levels of bad cholesterol and increases good cholesterol levels and so reduces the  build up of fats that can very dangerously clog the arteries  resulting in heart attacks and cardiac arrests.

Red Wine And Diabetes

Researchers in Spain discovered that consumption of Mediterranean diet that includes Red Wine in moderation reduces the risk of Type 2 Diabetes by 83%.Not only this healthy diet rich in Olive Oil,Nuts,Vegetables and Fish regulate the bodily functions but when combined with Resveratrol in Red Wine it boosts the immune system and fights against Diabetes.

In its July,2010 issue The American Journal Of Clinical Nutrition reported on the positive  effects of Resveratrol in Red Wine on fat cell biology and obesity related illnesses such as certain types of Diabetes.The report claims that Resveratrol in Red Wine interferes with the tendency to obesity and provides treatment to certain types of diseases caused by obesity.The study concluded that Red Wine also acts as a preventive to such diseases.

Further research on the effects of Resveratrol on unrelated Diabetes patients found that Resveratrol in Red Wine substantially lowers the levels of Glucose and Insulin without the patients using any other medicines or even without changing their dietary habits.Researchers strongly believe that Red Wine facilitates slow passage of Glucose through the digestive tract thus maintaining steady Glucose levels in the blood.

A Warning

Red Wine And Grapes
Red Wine And Grapes

Though it is very refreshing to know about the many benefits of Red Wine on our health but here is a warning from scientists and researchers.Though consumption  of Red Wine in moderation does offer great health benefits, it however may have some adverse effects on our health when consumed in excess.A vital point to be noted before tasting Red Wine.

Researchers also warn that excessive consumption of alcohol in any form causes irreparable damage to liver,heart and may also  give birth to certain types of Cancer.

So What Is The Meaning Of  Red Wine In Moderation

According to The Dietary Guide Lines For Americans,Red Wine in moderation means one glass a day for women and a maximum of two glasses a day for men.A glass here is equal to 5 oz of Red Wine that contains about 12% of alcohol.Researchers claim that if you can strictly adhere to these limits then you can enjoy the full benefits of Red Wine without any negative impact on your health.

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DISCLAIMER : This article is for for educative purposes only and should not be considered as prescription for any treatment of disease.The views expressed in this article are not that of the author but are recommendations of learned researchers and scientists from around the world.Please take the advice of your physician before adopting any methods discussed in this article.