A filamentous bio material that grows from the follicles that are found in our dermis is called hair..Hair is the most insignificant part of our body but is the most important one when it comes to our physical appearance and beauty..Hair loss is a universal problem but  can be prevented with  some collective measures and natural remedies..Hair loss can be distressing too if remedies remain unknown..

Here are some important tips and natural home remedies for a healthy hair growth, following which you shall never need to worry about losing your hair ever..

Important Diet For A Healthy Hair Growth

In order to have healthy hair and a healthy hair growth, it is important for you to keep a watch on your diet.. Ice creams and fatty foods, occasionally,are fine but for a healthy hair growth you should make sure that your diet includes food rich in proteins, Zinc, iron, essential fatty acids, green leafy vegetables, vitamin B and vitamin E..

>Salmon fish, chicken, nuts, leafy vegetables, carrots, eggs, beans, yogurt too contain all the proteins and vitamins needed for a healthy hair growth..

>Essential Omega-3 fatty acids are very vital for healthy hair and any deficiency of the same may result in a dry scalp and give a very dull look to your hair..

>Salmon fish contains Omega-3 fatty acids in abundance and regular consumption of this fish boosts your hair health substantially..If you are a vegetarian you may opt for two table spoons of ground flaxseed in your diet for plant based Omega-3 fatty acids..

Physical Exercises And Sleep For A Healthy Hair Growth

Regular physical exertion or physical exercises do a great deal of good to your hair growth and it is important for you to make either walking, jogging or yoga a part of your daily routine..Proper blood circulation is important for overall health and more so for a healthy hair growth.. Physical exercises not only flex your muscles but also relieve you from stress and regulate your blood circulation..Remember,it is important to have at least seven hours of sleep every day..

>Please note that hair grows naturally during your sleep and depriving yourself from sufficient sleep may cause immense damage to you hair and may result in a great hair loss too..

>Stay away from unwanted stress and make it a point to sleep for at least seven hours in a day..Sleep rejuvenates your physical as well as mental health that is very much essential for a healthy hair growth..

Massaging For A Healthy Hair Growth

Massaging the scalp regularly on a daily basis helps a great deal and promotes healthy hair growth..Massaging the scalp not only stimulates the hair follicles but more importantly regulates the blood circulation essential for a healthy hair growth..Make it a habit to massage your scalp for about ten minutes daily either before your bath or before going to bed..Massaging is a natural booster to your hair growth and over a period of time you are bound to experience thickening of your hair..

>At least once in a week,take a little amount of castor oil into your palms and apply it on to your scalp…Later with your finger tips,massage your scalp gently in a circular motion for a few minutes..It will be superb if you can leave the hair like that over night or else may try it for about thirty minutes before your bath in the morning and then wash it off..Now relax and watch out for amazing results..

Rosemary Essential Oil For A Healthy Hair Growth

Rosemary essential oil is a popular oil in the Mediterranean region and people here use it often in many food preparations.. However, Rosemary essential oil has many natural properties that promote healthy hair growth..It opens up the pores on the scalp, prevents premature graying of hair and prevents premature hair fall or hair loss permanently..

>Rosemary essential oil is also helpful to people who suffer from dry and itchy scalp..It nourishes the scalp,strengthens the hair follicles and gives you a stronger and longer healthy hair..

>You may mix Rosemary essential oil with shampoo or you may boil the oil separately and gently massage your scalp with that oil..You will be surprised with the results..

>If you have Dandruff,please consult your physician before using Rosemary essential oil for hair growth..

The Three Oil Mixture Therapy For A Healthy Hair Growth

Perhaps the simplest and the least expensive of all measures for a healthy hair growth is the three oil mixture therapy..Take equal amounts of Castor Oil,Olive Oil and Coconut Oil and pour them into a new bottle..Mix it thoroughly..Now gently boil the mixture till it turns slightly warm..Then apply this combination oil to all parts of your scalp and massage gently with your finger tips..Wait for about thirty minutes and wash it off with lukewarm water..You may repeat the process every week and within no time the amazing results are there for asking..

>People suffering from Dandruff should consult a Dermatologist before massaging any oil on to their scalp..Experts say that oils may aggravate the problem of Dandruff in most of the cases..

Aloe Vera For A Healthy Hair Growth

It is believed that Aloe Vera contains a natural enzyme that promotes hair growth even in people who lost their hair completely and turned bald..You can choose a good Aloe Vera gel or lotion and apply it on to your scalp and rub over it gently..Any one with good hair,less hair or no hair can apply Aloe Vera gel and see for the results..Since it is a natural product you may use it liberally as there will not be any side effects for sure..

>Apply Aloe Vera gel or lotion on that particular point of the scalp where you have lost maximum amount of hair or where you have turned completely bald..Possibility is that you may regain your lost hair or new hair may grow as Aloe Vera opens up the follicles and reactivates the dead cells in that area..

>Go around your city and try to find out the best Aloe Vera gel or lotion  made by a reputed company..Results are bound to be visible in three to four months time..

Some More Important Tips For A Healthy Hair Growth

>Sebum Oil is a natural conditioner that your scalp produces..It gives that natural sheen and glow to your hair..When you wash your hair with hot water there is every possibility of your scalp losing this natural conditioner..It is always advisable to use lukewarm water or cold water to wash your hair..

>Always use shampoos that have natural ingredients,fruit extracts and other essential oils..Avoid shampoos with chemicals and other harsh components..

>Apply flat Beer to your hair on a weekly basis..Beer has some essential ingredients that makes it a natural hair conditioner..Just pour about 300ml of Beer into a tumbler and wait..Allow the Beer to lose its fizz and foam..Later,gently apply that flat Beer to your hair..Wrap up your head with a towel..Wait for a couple of hours and wash it off with lukewarm water..You will be amazed with the results it produces..B T W,any Beer that loses its fizz is a flat beer..

>As is believed,Dandruff is not caused by dry scalp,but by an inflammatory process that affects the scalp…Massaging any oil into the scalp may unnecessarily aggravate the inflammation,resulting in more and more Dandruff…It is always advisable to consult your physician before applying any oil to your scalp..

>Frequent usage of hair dryers or blowers may cause irreparable damage to your hair,making it dry and lifeless..Please plan a visit to your salon once in every two months and get those split ends trimmed..

>On an average, many of us lose about 50 to 100 pieces of hair every day ; it is normal and there is no need to panic about it..This is the hair that ceased to grow and has reached the termination stage..However,you need to consult a physician if you are losing more hair than that..

>Too much brushing will mow away your hair..Using a brush with ball-tipped bristles may minimize the hair loss.. Please avoid brushing when the hair is wet..

>Frequent exposure to harsh sun light does more damage to your hair than to your skin..Sun light makes your hair dry and the damage will be more severe if your hair is color treated too.. It is always better to use a light hair spray that has SPF protection..Please note that frequent trimming of hair in summer makes your hair ends look healthy and helps them grow longer..

>Before entering a swimming pool,make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly with clean water..The chlorine content in pool water will damage your hair..If your hair is already rinsed with water,it will not be able to absorb  more water..


Always look for changes in your hair..If you find brittle hair or abnormal hair loss,please note, it may be the signal of your body about a hidden health problem like iron deficiency,thyroid problem or some other serious problem..Some medicines too cause hair loss but whatever the problem,there is no harm in visiting your physician once,immediately..


Alekhya Komaragiri


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