It is almost two decades now since people started drinking Red wine for heath benefits but a very later study states that Beer too has many benefits to offer, particularly to women, if consumed in moderation.

Ranging from reducing the risk of breaking of bones to combating diabetes,the benefits of Beer are listless.. To begin with,Beer increases the longevity of life and protects,more particularly women,from problems related to mental derangement.

Health Benefits Of Beer

Though the amount of antioxidants contained in Beer are equal to Red wine, the exact anti oxidants are different from Red wine because the hops and barley that are used in the production of Beer contain flavonoids that are slightly different from those flavonoids found in grapes and used in the production of Red wine.

As far as the nutritious values of Beer are concerned, it contains more vitamin B and proteins than Red wine.

Though, physicians as a rule, may not prescribe any alcoholic beverage for the health benefits of their patients, a moderate consumption of  average alcoholic beverages like Red wine or Beer have many benefits to offer… But to derive maximum benefits from these beverages you need to exercise caution and limit your consumption to moderate levels only.

It is also important to note that consumption of alcohol in excess, for sure, damages your liver and may cause certain types of cancer… So moderation is the key word here.

According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, moderation means one glass (five-ounces) of Red Wine per day for women and two glasses for men.. In case of Beer it is 12- ounces per day for women and two for men… Any consumption beyond this level is definitely harmful to health.

If you are sure about being in limits as suggested by the Dietary Guidelines For Americans then you can enjoy the following health benefits of Beer.

Beer For A Longer Life

The most important benefits of Beer is offering longer life… After reviewing around fifty studies, The U.S Department Of Agriculture, in 2005, stated that moderate drinkers of alcohol live longer than non drinkers.. The USDA also estimates that a reasonably controlled drinking prevents about 26,00 deaths a year caused due to lower rates of heart disease, stroke and Diabetes.

Beer For A Stronger Heart

In a 2011 analysis of sixteen earlier studies that involved more than 200,000 people and conducted by the researchers of Italy’s Fondazion di Ricerca e Cura, found a 31 percent lesser risk of heart disease in those who consumed one pint of Beer a day than those who consumed greater amounts of alcohol,whether spirits,Wine or Beer… One or two glasses of Beer per day raises the levels of HDL ,the good cholesterol that prevents arteries from getting clogged… A Harvard report also states that moderate consumption of alcohol reduces the risk of heart attacks or death caused by cardiovascular diseases by 25 to 40 percent. Researchers at The Harvard School of Public Health found that moderate consumption of alcohol,including Beer,helps in preventing blood clots that block blood supply to brain,heart and neck.

These are the clots that cause the most common type of ischemic stroke.. This is one of the vital health benefits of Beer.

Beer Reduces The Risk Of Cancer

One of the other most important health benefits of Beer according to a Portugese study is that A certain type of carcinogens called heterocyclic amines(HCAs), produced  when meat is pan fried, can be eliminated by seventy percent if steak is marinated in Beer.. Researchers believe that the sugars in Beer help in blocking HCAs from forming.

The scientists also found that Wine and Beer contain same amounts of anti oxidants but there is a slight difference in them because of the flavonoids found in grapes and hops are different.

Beer For Brain Health

According to a study conducted on eleven thousand older women in 2005 by the New England Journal Of Medicine, it is found that a moderate amount of Beer a day has kept many mental ailments in them, including Alzheimer’s disease,at bay.

Beer For Stronger Bones

Perhaps the biggest health benefits of Beer lies in its silicon content.Very few people know that Beer contains high levels of Silicon essential for bone health… In a study conducted at the Tufts University and other centers in 2009, men and women who enjoyed one or two glasses of drink every day had higher bone density with the maximum benefits found in those who opted for Beer or Wine… However, gulping more than two glasses of Beer in a day increases the risk of fractures.

>In a study conducted in 2010 on hundred types of Beer from around the world, the Beer Pale Ale is found to be the richest in Silicon content and offers best bone building benefits, while non alcoholic Beers and light lagers contained the least amount of Silicon.

Beer For Healthier Kidneys

A study conducted in Finland states that men who drank limited amounts of Beer daily have lowered their risk of developing Kidney stones by about 40 percent. It is also said that since dehydration increases the risk of kidney stone formation, the water content in Beer helps the Kidneys to function healthily… It is strongly believed by researchers that the hops in Beer curb the leeching of calcium from bones.

Most of the times that lost calcium could end up in Kidneys as stones… Another important point in the health benefits of Beer.

Beer Boosts Vitamins Levels

In a study conducted by the Dutch at the TNO Nutrition And Food Research Institute, the researchers found that the participants who drank Beer had thirty percent higher levels of vitamin B6 in their blood than those non drinking participants.It is also twice the amount of vitamin levels found in Wine drinkers.

Surprisingly, Beer contains a good amount of vitamin B12 and folic acid too. Since women need quite a lot of vitamins they can enjoy maximum health benefits of Beer by consuming it in moderation.

Beer Reduces The Risk Of Diabetes

In a Harvard study conducted on 38,000 middle aged men, the researchers found that alcohol increases insulin sensitivity and thus helps in protecting against Diabetes.

Men who drank one or two glasses of Beer per day reduced their risk of developing type 2 Diabetes by 25 percent.

Beer Lowers Blood Pressure

In A Harvard study conducted on 70,000 women aged between 25 and 40, the researchers found that moderate Beer drinkers are less likely to develop high blood pressure, the vital cause of heart attack.


people drinking beer,
people drinking beer,

Physicians for the fear of over dosage do not as such prescribe alcohol or Beer for health benefits… However, if you are habituated to gulp Beer or for that matter any other alcoholic drink, be warned that it should be within the parameters of strict moderation and if you cross that,you know what happens.. But if you are not used to drinking, there’s no need to start right away.

More or less you can derive similar benefits from a daily dose of exercise, warm ups or other strenuous work outs.. However, if you are a man or woman at a moderate to high risk of heart disease and with no history of alcoholism, a limited dose of daily alcohol consumption would lower the risk .

These are the health benefits of Beer according to the researchers but to be extremely judicious is my view point here.


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Alekhya Komaragiri