You may be one among those millions who suffer from simple allergies like common cold,cough, sneezing, rhinitis, sore throat or some other severe chronic diseases like Asthma and Sinusitis. Most of the people who suffer from such allergies depend on over the counter medication and are happy in seeking temporary relief from them.I agree these medications offer relief  almost instantly but they will not help you in completely eliminating the problem.Moreover most of these medicines are expensive and come with loads of side effects.

But the good news is that there are many  natural home remedies for allergies that are not only less expensive but are available very much in your kitchen.

Apple Cider Vinegar

One of the most important natural home remedies for allergies is Apple Cider Vinegar.Many people may complain about its taste but that apart Apple Cider Vinegar has some amazing qualities that help you in getting maximum relief from many forms of allergies.

Apple Cider Vinegar is not only a natural home remedy for allergies but it is in fact assisting many people in reducing their weight,high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

The recommended dosage of Apple Cider Vinegar in treating allergies is two tablespoons a day and I don’t think you need anything more than that.You may however mix it with juice or water in case you have any problem with its taste.A regular use of Apple Cider Vinegar in the  recommended dosage will certainly help you in curing most of the allergies.

Red Clover

Red clover is another important natural home remedy for allergies.Red Clover is available in a very wide range of formats but most allergy sufferers recommend Red Clover tea as the most convenient method to adopt.During acute conditions you may have a little more of Red clover tea but in normal conditions you may use it as a preventive and limit your consumption to three cups a day.

Red Clover is also available in the form of wine though this wine is less consumed when compared to Red wine.Red Clover supplements are also available in the market in the form of pills.Depending on your life style and your habits you may choose from any of the options available but if you ask me I shall recommend a cup of hot Red Clover tea not only for its amazing taste but also for its aromatic qualities.

Additionally,Red clover contains phytoestrogen that helps in regulating the bio chemistry of a female body.Phytotoestrogen also helps in regulating reproductive problems in females and to a large extent ameliorates irritating pre and post menopausal symptoms.

> Please note that nursing mothers and pregnant ladies should consult their gynecologist before trying Red clover tea or its other supplements.


Another most important natural home remedy for allergies is Chamomile.It is a natural anti histamine and helps in treating many forms of fever and in curing many forms of allergies.Two to three cups of Chamomile tea a day builds up natural resistance against many allergies and boosts the immune system to a very large extent..You may add Honey for that sugary taste.

German Chamomile is used in potentized form by homeopaths for curing many mental and emotional disturbances.Chrysin,a flavonoid found in Chamomile acts as an anxiolytic in curing anxiety disorders and also acts as a palliative and induces sleep in a natural way(Reports based on the laboratory tests conducted on Rodents)

Chamomile is not only a natural home remedy for allergies but is also a remedy for many stress related anxiety disorders and sleep disorders.Hence Regular consumption of Chamomile tea has more benefits than that are mentioned in the texts.

> However,the U S National Institutes For Health asks the pregnant women and nursing mothers to stay away from Chamomile Tea as it may cause uterine contraction that may sometimes lead to miscarriage.

Ginger And Garlic

The other most important natural home remedies for allergies are Ginger and Garlic.Ginger is a natural anti histamine and boosts the immune system naturally and protects your body from the adverse effects of the pollens that are circulating in air.Pollens are those irritants that are mainly responsible for many forms of allergies.

On the other hand Garlic is an anti congestant and helps you in getting relief from cough,cold and other chest infections that cause congestion.For maximum benefits it is better to eat one raw garlic bulb everyday during your breakfast time and wait for the effects.I know the taste  will be very pungent and spicy but once you are used to it,am sure you will never complain about its taste.Garlic is also believed to regulate blood pressure and eliminate the risk of cardio vascular problems.

> However,people suffering from acidity and other gastric derangements should consult a physician before using Garlic.

Other Important Natural Home Remedies For Allergies

>Though not one of the natural home remedies for allergies,Acupuncture is believed to work wonders in curing many forms of allergies.In a study performed on twenty six students,Acupuncture is said to have cured almost all allergic symptoms. Secondly, it is also important to carefully choose your foods in your effort to prevent allergies.Certain foods cause allergies in some people but it is an exception.

> Lime squeezed into water and consumed with Honey added to it will treat many forms of food allergies.

> Regular consumption of Bananas and vegetable juices are also helpful in curing and preventing many forms of allergies and food allergies.

> Prevent mold growth in your house and as you may know excessive humidity is the main cause of  mold growth.Plan for good air circulation in your house and it is always advisable to have your bath room window open or to use a fan in your bath room.

> Black Tea and Green Tea are also very important natural home remedies for allergies.Regular consumption of either of these teas will help you in preventing excessive secretion of histamine in a natural way and protects you from frequent bouts of fever. However Green Tea has  more benefits  to offer than Black Tea and is also the most preferred Tea by many health conscious people across Asia

> Finally,Vitamin E is a great anti allergic and is also one of the most important natural home remedies for allergies.Four hundred milligrams of Vitamin E capsule taken twice or thrice a day for four weeks will eliminate many factors that may make you susceptible to allergies.


Though most of these natural home remedies for allergies are helpful to most of the sufferers of allergies,the results may however vary from person to person. Exercising due care and after due consultations,there is no harm in trying these natural home remedies one after the other and you may still stick to the one that helped you the most.

Wishing you a great and allergy free healthy life

Alekhya Komaragiri