About The Author


I am Alekhya Komaragiri from Hyderabad, India.. After finishing my engineering in the Biotechnology stream in May, 2012 I have joined one of the famous business schools of India to pursue my Masters in Business Administration.

After completing my Masters, I have joined a renowned corporate company in Hyderabad wherein am currently working as an Assistant Manager..

Earlier as a student of Biotechnology, I had an opportunity to explore many aspects of life and observe Nature from very close quarters.. In my observation I have found that Nature holds many healing qualities for the well being of humanity and it is only for us to take advantage of the many benefits Nature offers us.

Every living and non living thing that is created by God is part of Nature and Nature, like our mother, has so much to offer through so many of it’s natural resources.. It may not give everything we demand but will definitely give everything we need.

Further in my study, I have found that Nature has many other great resources and remedies that offer cures to many of our health problems.. Am sure a wider extensive study on these aspects of Nature is bound to bring out many more benefits for our well being and healthy living.

I know I need to do a thorough research on all aspects of these natural health benefits and it is exactly what am doing right now and am confident that I will come out with more findings on these Natural remedies that I will only be glad to share with you all.

As part of my endeavor am browsing through several books and periodicals and also accumulating quite a lot of essential data that will be helping me in giving the readers the necessary information about all the Natural resources and Natural remedies.

Let me also tell you that these natural resources and natural remedies include many varieties of fruits, grains, spices, herbs, minerals, tissue salts, nuts, seeds, oils, beans, legumes and also water that provide invaluable support to strengthen our immune system.

All these resources play different roles and offer different benefits for different health problems of our life… These resources have many curative effects with the power to cure simple diseases like common cold to terminal diseases like Cancer.

Please keep visiting my site often and post me your feedback, comments, suggestions and also corrections if any. These will help me in enhancing my study and in providing greater information to you all.

Thank you very much


Alekhya Komaragiri